Passport Application – Round 3 (failed again!) – Annexure F too old

This is the round 3 in my series of passport application related posts. See my older posts here (round 1) and here (round 2).

This time my wife & I both went. We were pretty confident we had all our documents in order. But the PSK found a reason to turn us away again. We had Verification Certificates (Annexure F) issued by the local customs department on 18 September. Today is 29 October. So the Verification Certificates are more than 1 month old. This was not accepted. We were advised to go back to the person who created the verification certificate, and ask him to change the date on the certificate & initial it.

The documents I took for myself are listed in this old blog post: here (round 2).

The documents I took for my wife are listed below:

  • Marriage Certificate (for name change)
  • Husband’s Passport – for address
  • Letter from her employer stating that she has been employed since April 1 2012 (date mentioned explicitly) and that she has lived at our address since then (address mentioned explicitly). Letter has to be on a company letter head, with a company stamp & HR signature.
  • Verification Certificate (Annexure F)
  • Annexure I

The office said her documents were all in order, except for the expired verification certificate. Let’s hope he remembers this the next time we apply. I am a bit nervous about the name change documents requirement.

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